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What to do if you have been arrested.

If you have ever been arrested or have ever come in contact with the police in a not so good way, then here are some tips to help you from getting arrested or if you are arrested, some tips to staying on the good side of the police officers and what to do after you get arrested.

If you come in contact with the police, try to obey any lawful commands that they give you.  So many people try to be the tough guy and stand up to the police.  Well, that can get you arrested in many states for disorderly conduct and/or failure to comply with a police officer.

If you do get arrested and finally get to make a call or if you get out of jail pending a trial or hearing then don’t forget to contact a good criminal lawyer like

Don’t piss off the police officers.  This goes with what I said above.  But it also stands true after you get arrested.  When you are in a jail cell, the police officer controls the next few hours of your life.  If you piss them off, you will have a hard time in the cell,  If you are nice and pleasant, then maybe you will get a drink or a snack.

Don’t disobey a lawful order.  If the police tell you to do something, do it.

If you have been drinking and driving and you get pulled over, then the worst thing you can do is fight with the police.  If you have been drinking, then do not blow.  Refuse the breathalyzer test.  The officer will then have to convince a jury that you were drunk instead of having hard proof.  This is just an opinion so consult with a DWI attorney like Suffolk Criminal Attorney in NY.

If you have any tips you would like posted, please leave a comment.